Cordwood Construction on Gravel Bag Foundation

There are a lot of little details you can search on the Internet. This is just a basic introductory video to show you the cordwood/earthbag concept. What I like to do is have the mortar recessed slightly. It looks a … Continue reading →

It Can’t Possibly Be Worth It

“More than a third of the average American’s after-tax income is devoted to shelter, usually rent or mortgage payments. If a person works from age 20 to age 65, it can be fairly argued that he or she has put … Continue reading →

Galleries of Cordwood Homes, Sheds and Cabins

Here are the best cordwood photo galleries I could find. They include good basic info and links to other cordwood resources. Enjoy. “Also known as Stackwall, Stovewood, Firewood or Cordwood Masonry. Short lengths of debarked trees (cordwood) are laid with … Continue reading →

Log End Flooring

I’ve assembled some of the best photos I could find on log end flooring. This type of flooring is made with end grain (with the wood grain oriented vertically). Log end or end grain flooring has been used for centuries … Continue reading →

Homegrown Hideaways

“Educational Facility and Eco-Retreat Natural Building varies based on climate, ecology, and geology of the region. Not all methods are appropriate for all locations. Here in the mid-southeast, we have a plethora of materials that we can put to work … Continue reading →

Cordwood, Stone and Bottles

Cordwood building is practical where there’s sufficient supply of rot resistant wood. Most areas don’t have an adequate supply of wood like this available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and use cordwood in small areas. If all … Continue reading →