No Need for AC in Earthbag Houses

Reader comment: “I love your designs! I do have a question: We live in Tucson. Metropolitan area (but not TOO metropolitan) hot most days, hot most nights because the buildings and concrete absorb the heat and release it. It can … Continue reading →

Dogtrot House

“The dogtrot, also known as a breezeway house, dog-run, or possum-trot, is a style of house that was common throughout the Southeastern United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Some theories place its origins in the southern Appalachian … Continue reading →

Fountain Cooling System

Water features are very relaxing and very effective at cooling the environment. They also look great and the plants will help filter and oxygenate the air. I was looking at a local fountain (photo above) and realized it would be … Continue reading →