Safido Interlocking Brick Machine

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs), also called earth blocks or CSEBs is one of the most popular natural building methods in part because bricks are well accepted and understood by builders, and because the walls go up fairly quickly. Thin walls … Continue reading →

Compressed Earth Block Wall Build – Dwell Earth

“Training for an old style of compressed earth block. Dwell Earth traveled to South Africa to train locals techniques in the production of compressed earth blocks using the Dynabloc LM 714 machine. … Continue reading →

Unusual Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs)

Most compressed earth blocks (CEBs) are made in a mechanical press with a mixture of sandy soil, clayey soil, and a small amount of cement and water. CEBs typically require no plaster and are popular for walls, privacy walls, planters … Continue reading →