Best Cold Climate Building System?

Question: I dream of building a small eco friendly country ‘cabin’. My location will be in Alberta or BC, Canada. Do you prefer earthbag technique now over straw bale? Site will be a cold climate compared to many of your … Continue reading →

Senior Living Straw Bale Home in Vermont

“HOLLAND — With straw bale walls, enclosed in a lime, clay, straw plaster that was mixed on site, it’s not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a senior living facility. … Continue reading →

A tour of how we live & work off grid in our straw bale home

Lots of nice details! This video is worth watching more than once. “A tour of how we live & work off grid in our straw bale home – Riverstone Studios showing the interior of our home, wind turbine, solar panels, … Continue reading →

Straw Bale Emergency Shelter Cold Weather Upgrades

Suggestions from one of our readers on how to make the straw bale emergency shelter more comfortable in cold climates. This amazing shelter can be built in just a few hours. “I just found your website as I am on … Continue reading →

Affordable Lava Rock Insulation for the Far North

Porous lava rock — scoria (cinders) and pumice — is an ideal building material. We’ve covered this amazing material many times on our blog, but I just learned something very exciting. It turns out scoria is available in Alaska, British … Continue reading →

More Choices for Insulated Earthbag Houses

There are lots of options for building insulated earthbag houses. At this time, scoria and pumice are my favorite. These materials are fireproof, rot proof, easy to work with, don’t attract pests, lightweight, etc. Kelly Hart pioneered the use of … Continue reading →