How to build with clay… and community

Oh my, what a story. I spent an hour clicking through his site looking at drawings and watching videos. The story keeps getting better the more you learn. Kéré’s work has depth and quality. He is very inspiring. “Diébédo Francis … Continue reading →

Low-cost construction interlocking soil cement blocks & bricks

“Low-Cost Housing – Construction – Materials – Habitech International – Interlocking Bricks and Blocks – Habitech International Building System is faster, easier, strong and durable reducing costs – Sustainable Green Technologies – Creates Jobs Generating Income and Revenues” … Continue reading →

Building Earthen Homes Using the Original DIY Material

“Dirt is the original DIY material. In cultures all over the world, people have used earth to fashion everything from bowls to buildings. We know this because so many earthen homes are still around, including buildings hundreds and even thousands … Continue reading →

Lime Stabilized Adobe Bricks

“In response to a recent post on the blog, I searched for Earthen Buildings East Africa to look for photographs and came across the following link: [large file warning to those with slow Internet connections] You may judge it … Continue reading →

Vertical Versus Horizontal CEB Presses

“Vertical Block Press Pros – Uniform block dimensions in wall sizes – Simple adaptive mold changes – Able to produce interlocking block – Fewer block imperfections – Produce quality block – Produce uniformly dense block … Continue reading →