EcoReality Ecovillage

“We are developing an ecovillage in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. The ecovillage is working to be a model of co-operative, sustainable land habitation and land use and features public outreach and education as included goals. … Continue reading →

Affordable Lava Rock Insulation for the Far North

Porous lava rock — scoria (cinders) and pumice — is an ideal building material. We’ve covered this amazing material many times on our blog, but I just learned something very exciting. It turns out scoria is available in Alaska, British … Continue reading →

Update on Canadian Dirtbags Earthbag Home

“Well, the updates continue to be slow to come and sparse on detail but that’s because we are still working away. I had hoped we’d be in by now, with only floors and ceiling to complete before we could start … Continue reading →

The Evolution of a Canadian Earthbag Dome House

From Sierra in Canada: Here is my Youtube video on the earthbag structure I have been working on for the last 3 years. It is almost complete…just needs some windows and doors installed and some finishing touches inside and out. … Continue reading →