Compressed Earth Block Bullet Proof Test Video

“Testing a CEB (compressed earth block) wall for the ability to withstand small arms fire with an AK-47, 223 and a 45-70 Gov” The video is rather shaky, but it does help validate what we’ve been saying here for the … Continue reading →

Bullet Resistance of Gravel

What’s the most effective way to provide bullet resistance for your home? Here’s a field trial test of Joel Skousen’s gravel wall system. Compare the bullet resistance of this system to: Sand bags Compressed earth Impact testing compressed earth by … Continue reading →

Bullet Resistance of Compressed Earth

Earthco Building Systems, Inc. performed some interesting bullet resistance tests on their compressed earth Megablocks. Their website says they used 50 caliber BMG armor piercing military ammunition. Densely compacted earthbag walls made with subsoil would likely have comparable results. Maybe … Continue reading →