Rebuilding Gaza with Earthbag Homes

The following article was written by Meinhaj Hussain. 8/11/2014 Meinhaj Hussain, “So Gaza has suffered and is suffering massive targeted genocide. Large swathes of Gaza look like Dresden. How can we rebuild with a blockade? Earthbag houses may be … Continue reading →

Compressed Earth Block Bullet Proof Test Video

“Testing a CEB (compressed earth block) wall for the ability to withstand small arms fire with an AK-47, 223 and a 45-70 Gov” The video is rather shaky, but it does help validate what we’ve been saying here for the … Continue reading →

Earthbag Fortresses and Castles

No one has built an earthbag fortress or fortified castle yet to my knowledge. I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility. Building something like this out of earthbags would be much faster than working with stone, and certainly … Continue reading →