Proposed Code Changes in Mendocino County, California

Great News in Mendocino County California!! Dan Antonioli New Event: Zoning & Building Code Changes Supporting Sustainable Development Saturday 19 January 2013; 200PM-400PM … Continue reading →

Battle for the California Desert

I found this shocking video at As shown in the video, the government is now making SWAT type raids and levying heavy fines against poor people in the desert east of Los Angeles, and essentially forcing people off their … Continue reading →

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Build With Natural Materials

Have you ever puzzled over why so many people choose to buy homes at outrageous prices that require 20-30 year mortgages even though they are often poorly built, made with materials that offgas hazardous substances and readily burn in house … Continue reading →

Natural Homes Maps

Here are two useful maps for natural builders. The map from Natural shows locations of natural homes. Actually there are thousands of homes not shown. As a rough guess I’d say for every house shown, there’s probably another 100 … Continue reading →

Comments from a Building Inspector and Engineer

Question to Building Inspector: We are looking at moving to rural Livingston Parish, Lousiana and planning on building our own earthbag home within the next year… Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Building Inspector: I have viewed … Continue reading →