Integrated Bond Beam and Lintels

Most often lintels are built separately from bond beams. See Wood Pole Lintels as an example. But what if you want maximum strength for a multiple story earthbag structure (see Rainwater Towers Apartments) or if you have lots of window … Continue reading →

Ladder Bond Beam

Most earthbag builders use concrete bond beams on vertical wall structures. That’s the best choice, especially in seismic or high wind areas. But what if you’re not in a seismic or high wind area? If money is tight, time is … Continue reading →

Eternally Solar Earthbag Lintel and Bond Beam System

I hope you’re enjoying these posts about Eternally Solar’s earthbag method. Dr. Johnny Anderton of Eternally Solar / EarthBagBuild has kindly supplied more details about their lintel and bond beam system. This is very practical information. “The attached sequence will … Continue reading →

Corrugated Metal for Bond Beams and Wall Bracing

Our earthbag design team is busy creating home and shelter designs, as well as innovative building ideas for the reconstruction effort in Haiti. (See Kelly Hart’s Alternative Bond Beam and Lintel system, for one example.) As you’re probably aware, conventional … Continue reading →