Bio-Bturner-100: Burning Spoiled Corn and Other Waste Products

The Bio-Burner by LEI Products burns a wide variety of biomass fuels for heating your home, shop or garage with the BB-100 (100k BTU burner/boiler). Their videos show how you can burn low value biomass materials such as manure, spoiled … Continue reading →

Husk Power Systems

“Husk Power Systems designs, installs and operates biomass-based power plants. Each plant uses proprietary gasification technology to convert abundant agricultural residue (procured from local farmers) into electricity, which is then distributed to rural households and micro-enterprises through a micro-grid system … Continue reading →

Algae Powered House

“In the context of the International Building Exhibition IBA 2013 in Hamburg, Germany, the first algae bioreactor house was build. Algae-filled solar panels are the center of the house’s energy cycle. One one hand, they produce heat by absorbing solar … Continue reading →

Wood stove runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water

“This is the most efficient wood stove on the planet it will make gasoline run a generator and a propane fridge, heat hot water and your home at the same time. this system works on any dry organic material.” … Continue reading →