Stacking Solutions

“Toilets, water, depleted tropical soils, and refrigeration are four of the myriad challenges of the developing world. Small fruit, vegetable, and meat sellers lose considerable stock to the sweltering heat. Farmers’ fields and drinking water get flooded by water contaminated … Continue reading →

Muni Seva Ashram – the Green Ashram

“Muni Seva Ashram is an active agent in the drive for sustainable development, with large-scale interests in organic farming, agro forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry, solar energy, and biogas. This is also reflected in the Ashram’s new website address, Green … Continue reading →

Biotech India Biogas Plants

Turn household wastes (human wastes and food scraps) into clean burning biogas with $300-$400? (waiting for current price list) Biotech biogas plants, or make one yourself. Biotech also sells waste to electricity plants. Payback period is only 2-3 years. They … Continue reading →

Small-scale Biogas Plants

Our blog focuses on low cost, sustainable ways of building homes with local resources. It’s equally exciting and practical learning about alternatives to costly centralized grid systems (electrical, gas, sewer, water) that tend to lock people into the system and … Continue reading →