Bamboo Joint Lashing Techniques

Very good overview of bamboo joinery. Most books are skimpy on bamboo joinery. The whole house doesn’t haven’t to be built out of bamboo. You could build the roof, interior walls and/or just use bamboo for decorative purposes such as … Continue reading →

Low Cost Bamboo Truss System

Most of our readers know the world’s forests are being rapidly depleted. Sustainable alternatives are desperately needed. Low cost bamboo is a promising alternative building material because it’s rapidly renewable and widely available. Bamboo is especially well suited for Nepal … Continue reading →

Smoked Bamboo Furniture

I was sitting in a restaurant yesterday that has smoked bamboo furniture. As I was admiring the color and craftsmanship, I realized that our readers might be interested. Smoking bamboo is just one of numerous ways to treat bamboo and … Continue reading →