Family tests Rotterdam self-sufficient home within greenhouse

When Helly Scholten was offered the opportunity to spend three years living in a home inside of a greenhouse on Rotterdam’s docklands, she immediately volunteered her family. Scholten, her partner and two teen daughters moved into the experimental home and … Continue reading →

Areas With Few or No Codes: East Tennessee

Message from a reader: “Just wanted to add my experience as an example if it helps someone (not selling anything). I bought 75 acres in Blaine, Tennessee (20 minutes east of Knoxville) back in 2014 for $146K. Rural, forest and … Continue reading →

U.S. Building Codes by County Website

“I am working on a Christmas gift of sorts for the natural building community and I could use some help. What is it? U.S. Building Codes by County is a website to collect, organize, and easily display building codes and … Continue reading →

Alt. Building Blog

I think you’ll enjoy this alternative building blog about traditional building in the Southwest. To browse the Alt. Building Blog by subject, scroll down to the bottom right side to Labels. There’s plenty of info for hours of enjoyable reading. … Continue reading →