Msambweni Earthbag Project

ÔÇťAnother project to be carried out in June 2015 is the build of a round earthbag house. The filling material of the polypropylene bags will be on-site soil which makes this construction method literally ‘dirt cheap’. Our County Governor Salim … Continue reading →

Flexible Form Rammed Earth Construction (Earthbag Construction) Part 1

Very good video about building earthbag domes that shows half a dozen or so innovative ideas I haven’t seen before. I can’t think of another video or project where I’ve seen so many new interesting building tips. So hat’s off … Continue reading →

Mysterious Stone Circles of South Africa

From time to time, just for fun, we cover fascinating stories about ancient structures. I’m intrigued by the work of Michael Tellinger who’s been researching and documenting ancient stone structures in southern Africa. By his estimate the ancient stone circles … Continue reading →

Africa Vernacular Architecture Database

“Welcome to the data base on African vernacular architecture. There is very little information available on vernacular architecture of Africa…. this data base is the only source on line to view images of vernacular structures in every African country. … Continue reading →