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Kent’s Earthbag Cabin

Monday, September 15th, 2014:

“It’s finally happening. My little cabin construction project is finally happening. The main building material is earthbag, sometimes called superadobe. Watch this site for our progress! Note that most recent posts are at the top, so chronological order of the blog starts at the bottom!”  Read more from > Kent’s Earthbag Cabin

Earthbag Permaculture Center in Romania

Saturday, September 13th, 2014:

Baza Ulmu permaculture centre from Resilience Images on Vimeo. “Video documentation of Wwoofing experience the county of Maramuresh, Romania. We travellled to Romania in the summer of 2013. Thanks to the wwoofing website (willing workers on organic farms) we were able to visit one of the first earthbag building sites in the country.  Read more from > Earthbag Permaculture Center in Romania

The Straw Bale Yurt Bible

Thursday, September 11th, 2014:

“I worked for a couple years ‘til I got lucky on a 160 acre State of Alaska homestead parcel and took up residence there on the Gerstle River in interior Alaska, 47 miles by road from Delta Junction. I cleared the 25%, built a cabin and lived there two years and proved up, while raising […]  Read more from > The Straw Bale Yurt Bible