Reinventing the soil – Natural building with earth

“An investigation on building with mud, one of human kind’s oldest building methods, that is still present all around the world. The film starts from the University research and visits places where this tradition is alive, in Bolivia, Peru and … Continue reading →

Earth Home Thailand (Maejo Baandin)

“The label “natural building” can refer to a wide variety of construction methods and materials. The natural buildings that we build at Earth Home are made from wood, clay, sand, rice husks, straw and water. Some cement is used in … Continue reading →

Cast In-situ Adobe T-Bricks

The blog post the other day about cast in-situ adobe was quite popular and so let’s explore a variation of this method developed by Abe at Vela I consider Abe’s Tblocks a major contribution to the natural building movement … Continue reading →

The Architecture of Mud

Excellent documentary of adobe houses in Yemen. Highly recommended. This could be considered a must see video for serious natural builders and architects. The next time somebody asks me “Can you build more than one story with earthbags?” I should … Continue reading →