Free Open Source Strawbale House Design

Here’s another great project from Open Source Ecology. “This simple home design grew out of a desire to share a easy-to-construct straw bale prototype for humanitarian applications. The barrier-free floor plan, comprised of a concentrated wet core within an insulating … Continue reading →

Open-air 33’ (10m) 2-story Roundhouse

I’m now offering open air earthbag roundhouse designs with large arched doorways. This particular design was done for a client in a tropical climate where maximum ventilation is needed. Note: you could add doors, windows, covering over the stairs, etc. … Continue reading →

Fortress Tower

This is nearly the same design as my 33’ (10m) 2-bedroom Roundhouse except the roof. The walls have a slight taper to create a castle appearance for the Dome Fort I’m currently designing. In addition, a second floor with slot … Continue reading →