Alone Survival Winner Zachary Fowler camps out overnight in his reed survival shelter in the Maine wilderness and shows dozens of practical/useful camping and survival tips. Like Zachary says, “The weather outside might be frightful but inside my thatched reed winter survival shelter it’s quite delightful!”

I’m really impressed with the simplicity and insulation value of this reed hut. The reed bed is especially practical. It looks 100 times more comfortable than pine boughs. Other video highlights include how to bank a fire overnight so you can start it in the morning without getting out of bed, and fanning the flames with a collapsible blow tube.



Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm — 1 Comment

  1. So much enjoyed your video! Even here in Easter California desert 3 moons project! Will try fire hard boiled egg and sounding delicious apple crisp!! Thanks !!!

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