“Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the coldest cities in the country with winter temperatures frequently reaching -30F. Yet, thousands of people choose to live without many modern conveniences such as running water and indoor bathrooms in modest, non-traditional housing arrangements. Why?”



Small? – a documentary about dry cabin life and alternative housing in Fairbanks, Alaska — 2 Comments

  1. Hey! Thanks for featuring the old home town! I loved living in my super insulated dry cabin that was under 400sqft. It was perfect and I would go back to it.

  2. my creaky old trailer, slowly fixes it up adds bottle walls, composting toilets so comfy!building next spring a little underpermit dome with earth bags, who comes helps me, learns! hang out with me!!!! off grid wahoo!out in bare desert and yet 50miles west of Las Vegas! world’s apart! check out http://www.jehanetogo.wordpress.com! I’ll make a video like they do! lovely to see connections all over the world of those of us doing this, challenging, yes! loving it!comfy, yes! and oh loving the quiet, space, sky, stars, critters close to us! thanks to bring us together!!!

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