Simple Shelters – Tents, Tipis, Yurts, Domes and Other Ancient Homes

Simple Shelters – Tents, Tipis, Yurts, Domes and Other Ancient Homes

“Rarely do you get such a small book that feels much bigger than it really is. This diminutive book, (measuring a mere 6 by 5 inches) with the title ‘Simple Shelters’, is anything but small in content and the shelters are anything but simple. In fact I am thinking of shrinking the size of my coffee table so it does not look out of place.
Throughout its 60-odd pages the illustrations of shelters are wonderfully detailed and clear – both in cross-section, plan and cut-out. It covers a multitude of shelter from primary forms, tensioned coverings, black tents, benders, woven shelters, tipis, kathe, yurts, yarangas, chorama dyu, earth lodges, pit houses, log cabins, hogans, bamboo huts, timber framed buildings, adobe mud brick and straw-bale constructions, igloos and geodesic domes.

Most of the construction techniques from across the globe are covered and, alongside the illustrations, a conversational text about their evolution, history and use is incorporated to give a cultural or practical context.”

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Simple Shelters Book Review — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Owen. I scanned it’s contents and saw something that reminded me of some Vets I encountered up in Alaska. They had built a pit structure but instead of using a wooden roof and walls, they had a surplus Army tent and a stove. Even with the stove, they were cold and I didn’t suggest beefing up the interior/exterior with what was all around them. They were out in the bush but, I got the feeling they wouldn’t want to hear anything so, I didn’t say a word. About the book and the site you suggested…….very good. I created a shortcut to the site.

    • People lived in these simple shelters for thousands of years. Like you say, they could be upgraded and made quite livable. It’s certainly a short-term living option while you’re building a permanent home.

    • Thanks. The earth lodges are my favorite. We’ve had some blog posts here about earth lodges if anyone is interested. Search our site.

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