Rural Studio 20K Roundwood House

Rural Studio 20K Roundwood House

“The 2007/2008 Thesis year at Rural Studio was charged with designing the “20K House”. This project is based on a government loan known as the Section 502 Mutual Self-Help Housing loan. This is a subsidized loan created to help those with extremely low incomes to reach the goal of home ownership. $20,000 is the smallest loan amount provided through the 502 government program. Therefore the goal of the 20K house is to build a home for approximately $10,000 in materials and $10,000 in labor. This home provides the owner with an alternative to the prevalent trailer, which depreciates over time and leaves the client in a downward spiral of debt and destitution. The 20K house aspires to be warm, dry, safe, and hopefully a beautiful home for all those who qualify for the loan.” PDF
Thanks to Cliff for this find.


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