A curved sofa like this would look great in a rounded corner.

A curved sofa like this would look great in a rounded corner.

Rounded/curved room corners create stronger earthbag walls at no extra cost, and can speed construction. A good size radius is around 3’-4’ (about one meter). Rounded corners can also improve functionality by creating a cozy, curved space for a round table, computer desk, easy chair or, as in the photo above, a sofa. You could put a window, wood stove or fireplace in one of these curved corners. Other options include niches (nichos) and/or curved bookshelves. Rounded/curved room corners are very appealing visually and make a nice focal point. They break up the monotony of too many straight lines. Not every corner has to be rounded, of course. Even one rounded corner can improve the looks of your home. I think rounded corners look perfect with thick earthbag walls, especially when window and door openings are also curved.

Image source: Creative Leather Furniture


Rounded Corners in Rooms — 5 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to decorating my future round home in JA. Every time I see one of these rounded structures, it soothes me somehow. As AngloTeacher mentioned, I can imagine the cooling airflow effect since our home will be built out in the country in the hills. And I must also mention the protection of this type of shaped structure from the hurricanes that plague the area.

  2. Rounded corners also improve airflow and cut down on the possibility of dead spots of still air where there are cold pockets of air, if I have the right idea from what I’ve read.

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