Rancho Mastatal education center

Rancho Mastatal education center

“Rancho Mastatal is an education center, working permaculture farm, lodge and community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods, and caring relationships.

We offer profound, innovative and authentic apprenticeships, residential workshops and guest experiences. We practice, promote and teach about natural building, fermentation, permaculture design, renewable energy, agroforestry and more.

Our campus encompasses more than 300-acres of picture-perfect waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, idyllic swimming holes, impressive trees, extraordinary wilderness views, and pristine habitat for the area’s rich flora and fauna. Visitors and participants have access to over 14 km of trails, an extensive library, our working permaculture farm, and the tireless team who make the Ranch such a unique place to learn.”

Rancho Mastatal


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  1. If this is a school I’m not sure that it’s an accredited school? I’m looking all over this site for someone with a real education in engineering an architectural design. I’m finding books for sale but who is writing these books an educated person or someone with a little bit of experience because they built a little Hut?

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