“Update to my rainwater fruit tree project where I use some permaculture techniques to water my fruit trees. Hopefully you might be able to incorporate something similar on your own home, homestead or urban farm! Thanks for watching:)”

Culvert cistern for roofwater with overflow system

Culvert cistern for roofwater with overflow system

People have sculpted the land into terraces, berms and swales for countless thousands of years. Water wiers is another good example of this. This is the sort of thing in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designer Manual. Years later it’s still selling for over $100 and people are still saying it’s the best permaculture book available.

Thanks to Jerry for this tip.
Be sure to check out his culvert cistern that collects roofwater.


Rainwater swale, water weirs and culvert cistern – Desert Permaculture — 1 Comment

  1. I love this post. He lives only an hour from me and I would love to sculpt and train my property the same way. I will go back and watch his youtube videos over and over until I finally finish all of my projects. Inspiring!

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