One main benefit of building with natural materials is maintaining a safe, healthy environment in your home. This eliminates the health risks of sick building syndrome caused by many modern synthetic materials. “The non-toxic soy-based glues in PureBond plywood mimics the glues that mussels use to cling to rocks (biomimicry). PureBond plywood has no added formaldehyde, eliminating the concern about off-gassing dangerous fumes during fabrication or when installed in your home.

PureBond hardwood plywood—available exclusively from Columbia Forest Products—is a unique real-wood product that delivers many special benefits, like these:
– The timeless warmth of wood with the design versatility to convey traditional, classic or contemporary looks.
– A product line that’s available in practically any real-wood veneers
– A product that will deliver decades of performance, durability and great style.
– A product that’s environmentally friendly and promotes healthy indoor air quality due to its proprietary soy-based adhesive – instead of potentially hazardous urea formaldehyde.
– Made in the US and Canada, PureBond is cost competitive, yet delivers so much more in quality.
– Available to you through most Home Depot stores or through The PureBond Fabricator Network”

PureBond Plywood


PureBond Non-Toxic Plywood — 2 Comments

  1. It’s nice to see these types of products are available commercially, and at Home Depot, to boot! I imagine this product is probably a bit more expensive than its off-gassing competition, but I think the difference is worth it, in the long run.

    • I’d rather pay a little extra then live in a house that reeks with formaldehyde (something I’ve breathed far too much of as a carpenter).

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