3-4 inches thick rammed earth panels are ideal for non-structural applications

3-4 inches thick rammed earth panels are ideal for non-structural applications

More interesting news from David Easton’s rammed earth company: “Our sister company Rammed Earth Works continues to develop technology for pre-cast veneer rammed earth panels made in our Napa factory and transported to job sites.

These pre-cast rammed earth panels are 3-4 inches thick and are ideal for non-structural applications for projects that don’t have the available footprint for traditional on-site rammed earth walls that can often range from 18-24 inches thick. Rammed Earth Works is able to produce these panels at our factory at much higher volume than on-site installations with custom one-off formwork. Rammed Earth Works is able to take advantage of re-using formwork as well as the factory environment to speed production time.”

Rammed Earthworks.com


Pre-cast Rammed Earth Panels — 17 Comments

    • Thanks for your reply.You did a great step in the nonstructural rammed earth panels. But I am interested in structural precast rammed earth panels that can be as a load bearing wall.

      • I’ve never heard of this being done before. Due to the weight of the walls, rammed earth is almost always done insitu — in place. It doesn’t sound practical.

  1. More practical for commercial structures. The shipping charges alone would cost way too much for anyone else. I love rammed earth, having toured a few homes in Tucson with rammed earth walls. Very pretty.

  2. Wish that picture showed boxes installed with conduit poking out or window ROs.
    Wonder how they transport with little fiber.
    That’s awesome

    • The panels most likely have rebar or other type of reinforcement. Otherwise long panels could snap like a cookie.

      These panels would look great as a facade on buildings.

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