Architects, engineers and designers were quick to help create safer, more sustainable designs after the December 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. One effort at the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building led to an earthbag design, another effort developed a bamboo design with earthbag (sandbag) footings. Architects Diego Lastres and Daniella Corvetto were key to this bamboo design.

Post-Tsunami Affordable Housing Project: Bamboo Design

Post-Tsunami Affordable Housing Project: Bamboo Design

The main concept of the post-tsunami bamboo design is a raised structure that is adaptable to varied topographic conditions along coastal areas. The structure would minimize cost, maximize livable space, and serve as a shelter in extreme weather conditions. The structure is to be built using inexpensive, strong and sustainable materials such as bamboo and sandbags.

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Post-Tsunami Affordable Housing Project: Bamboo Design
by Owen Geiger, TLS Correspondent, Diego Lastres, Daniella Corvetto


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