Paper Bag Floors

Paper Bag Floors

“Those of you that are looking for an affordable, attractive, totally doable flooring solution have come to the right place! I wanted to do paper flooring, mostly because it was cheap and I thought it looked great. But mostly because it was cheap. My boys room is about 10 x 12 and I did the whole thing for about $80, but I have enough supplies left over that the next room will cost about $30. Most of you are probably wondering what the heck paper on a floor looks like and I don’t blame you, it’s kind of a weird idea. Here is what the finished product looks like…”

Source: Step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos and humor at Domestic Inperfection


Paper Bag Floors — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve seen wallpaper made out of comic books and Sunday Newspaper comics before in a kid’s room.

    I’ve read about someone that wallpapered a room with the Orchestral Score sheet music from one of Beethoven’s Symphonies. That was surprisingly attractive and tastefully done. The patterns sheet music create on a wall have a unity to them that doesn’t seem as “busy” as one might expect.

    I’ve even seen some amazing mosaics made out of post-it notes!

    I’ve never considered papering a floor before. Interesting.

    Imagine making floor mosaics out of different colored pieces of paper instead of different colored ceramic tiles. Tedious to be sure, but the final result might be astounding, and still very inexpensive.

    Good post. This seems like an idea that Dan Phillips would come up with.

  2. I wonder if anyone’s tried this yet with earth floors? Do a small room as an experiment. It would be easy to scrape off if it didn’t work out.

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