The following information has been provided by Pacific Packaging in Tangent, Oregon. They are the first bag supplier to actively promote earthbag building on their website. We have no financial interest in their company and do not accept advertising since this is a non-commercial site. The information is being provided here to show what to look for when buying poly bags.

Pacific Packaging Earthbag Specifications

Pacific Packaging Earthbag Specifications

Note from Pacific Packaging:
“Please post the attached PDF to update our information. Although this new PDF does not list that we sell misprinted bags, we will sell what we currently have available when customers call us. We also are not listing prices online so that we can provide competitive quotes depending on quantities being ordered, while factoring in shipping costs to customers.”

For more information, contact Pacific Packaging.


Pacific Packaging Earthbag Specifications — 2 Comments

  1. I think you are right about the cost of shipping, it’s gone up rapidly in recent months, all the more reason to look for cheaper packaging materials where you can.

  2. I just checked these folks out and their prices for the misprints are cheaper then anywhere else I have found. Some places want as much as 30 cents a piece. The drawback here it seems is shipping. To ship from Oregon to SoCal is at a minimum $240 bucks for 1000 bags/155lbs. If you want delivery to your residence, it is more. They seem to prefer to use UPS.

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