Many of the regular readers of this blog have probably been wondering why Owen has not been posting here for the last few weeks. The reason is that he has been ill and is now in a hospital.

About three weeks ago I got a message from Owen that he was doing a serious worm cleanse and was weak, asking me to take over making regular posts. That is the last I have heard directly from Owen.

When he stopped answering my emails after several days I did some research to find out where he was staying in Cambodia. He was there because of problems in maintaining his visa in Thailand where he has been living for the last 13 years. I also contacted his adopted Thai family to see if they knew anything about him. They soon answered that they had located Owen and one of them was on his way to Cambodia to assist.

Owen was very weak and was transported via ambulance to a hospital where he was given fluids. More ambulance rides brought him back to his home town in Thailand, where he now is recuperating in a hospital. He is being fed via a tube and has assistance with breathing because of a lung infection.

Owen could use our prayers and blessings at this time.


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  1. Yes, I was worried. So sorry to hear this, and I hope the worst is behind him. Owen, you have been so very generous with your time and knowledge, and we appreciate you. Sending love, and pulling for you!

  2. Owen,
    Your energy & wisdom have helped so many find shelter and peace. Now, it’s your turn: may you shelter in your healing body with great peace! So many of us from around the world say thank you for just being you and get well soon! Praying your strength and joy are not only restored but increased by the time you get to read this!

    God bless and keep you!
    The Carroll’s


  4. I live in West Sumatra , Indonesia . On this island and particularly in this Provence there is a very strong and long tradition of Natural Healers . There are of course huge disparities in skill levels and effectiveness . There is also a variety of techniques and approaches employed . Generally there is a strong spiritual dimension to the healing . The better ones usually prescribe various herbal treatments , using fresh local and very potent herbs .
    It has been a major interest of both my Sumatran wife and I for many years .My wife was partially trained by her grandmother a renowned healer . She consequently knows most of the herbs .In the course of our research we have experienced and visited many practitioners . The good ones are invariably beautiful peaceful humble human beings who expect minimal payment .
    I recently contracted advanced stage melanoma cancer which we treated locally with such a healer very successfully without much fuss . So I invite Owen or anyone else to contact me .

  5. Padre celestial, te pido por este hombre el cual tres conoces su corazón. En el nombre de Jesús pudo por su salud, pido por sanidad desde sus piezas hasta su cabeza, protegerlo y sábalo. Dadle fuerza a su familia. En el nombre de gesus, Amen.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that Owen’s in hospital. Will be thinking of him. His positive energy over many years has been giving people hope & practical ways forward in developing local solutions. Get well soon. R

  7. Oh goodness! I know all too well how quickly something routine can become serious if you don’t have access to quality healthcare. Glad his family has been able to locate him; it’s important to have people there to help!

    Will definitely keep him in my prayers. Thank you for this update and we hope to hear good news soon!

  8. This is heartbreaking news. Someone who has done so much for sustainability and the good of person-kind in general. We will pray for him here in the UK. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for keeping us informed of events.

  9. Kelly

    Is there any way to contact Owen other than his e-mail? I think you know Owen and I have been good friends for many years. I was aware of his residency issues but knew nothing of his health issues. Typical Owen on that one, he will kill himself for other people but will take nothing in return. It is the kind of guy he is.

    I sense he is in pretty bad shape but doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone else.


    • Cliff, at present we are in touch with his very busy family and our messages have been conveyed that way. We will be telling them about these messages. Best, Zana (Kelly’s wife)

  10. Hi Kelly, I am so sorry to hear about this. Do you know where the hospital is? I am not sure where Owen lives – I am in the north near Chiang Mai and if he is in this region I would like to visit.
    Best wishes,

  11. I have been subscribed and following your site for years and have enjoyed it so much. You and your family will be in my prayers for a Full and Speedy Recovery…God Bless!

  12. How awful! We are very sad to hear the bad news. Thank you for letting us know. Natural Building Blog is our very favorite blog. We enjoy it so much. Please let Owen know that we are definitely praying for him.

  13. Kelly—Owen is going on my list. I hope he fully recovers. Thank you for finding him and for keeping us apprised. You’re going on my list too, for demonstrating what good friendship looks like.

  14. Users/user/Desktop/The MudHut.pdf

    Dear Owen,
    Sending love and prayers.
    Thank you for being the first person to encourage me to think about sustainable building.
    I’m just in the process of completing a Hyperadobe MudHut studio for my sister in her back garden in Reading UK. This is largely due to you and this wonderful site.
    Please get better soon.

  15. Dear Owen,
    Sending prayers and best wishes for your recovery.
    You were the first person who inspired me to build an earthbag round house. It’s built by the Hyperadobe method, and is in my sister’s back garden in Reading, UK. It’s called the MudHut and we’re the MudHutters.
    Will try to send a pic now.

    Thank you for your generosity and encouragement.

    All the best,

  16. I will be praying. I have watched many of his videos and watched other people fulfill their dreams of living in a earthbag home. Laws in the United States are very hard because they do not understand the idea and the builders can’t really make any money off of it that is why they don’t embrace this new idea. Very affordable and the big people don’t ever want to see that happen. They want to keep us in debt. I will be praying for Owen.

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