After 11 months of no feeds or fertilisers, see the fine growth of Homeacres vegetables, many planted in summer after clearing first harvests, and no compost or other food added. In undisturbed and mulched soil, organisms manage resources better plus plants root more easily, as you see here.

Charles Dowding shows just how simple and productive organic gardening can be. No dig = less work, higher production, fewer weeds. It looks like he’s in great shape from eating healthy food.



No Dig Gardening: feed the soil not the plants for many, easier harvests and few weeds — 2 Comments

  1. It’s sad to see millions of people falling for crazy fad diets. There are probably thousands of dieting books as well as tons of dieting websites and videos. The answer to good health is simple as Charles Dowding shows. There’s no need to buy expensive concoctions or drink paint thinner in an effort to get healthy. Eat primarily fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and get out and move your body in the sunshine and fresh air. If you can’t or don’t want to start a garden then consider working at a local community garden or do a volunteer farmstay internship.

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