The Lime White Watershed Block uses no Portland cement. Other colors are available.

The Lime White Watershed Block uses no Portland cement. Other colors are available.

“I’m thrilled to announce a range of new Watershed Block, all made using local materials that celebrate the region of their origin, all produced with the latest in sustainable building materials technology. – David Easton + the Watershed team

The Lime White Watershed Block offers a remarkable step forward for modern masonry – a zero cement formula, a stunning glacier white appearance and a novel mix design with a dramatically increased sustainability profile. The block uses no Portland cement – a notorious polluter responsible for 6% of humanity’s CO2 emissions – instead deriving strength from the high compression lithification of lime, recycled ground granulated blast furnace slag and natural clays.

The Lime White Watershed Block offers unique aesthetics and sustainability along with standard industry performance. Eliminated cement lowers the block’s CO2 footprint compared to traditional concrete block. The bright glacier white appearance emerges from the unique lime, slag and clay aluminosilicate binder. The Lime White Watershed Block meets or exceeds ASTM C90 specifications, allowing engineers and architects to specify the block with confidence.”

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New Products from Watershed Blocks — 4 Comments

  1. We’re building a home in rexburg, ID. We were interested in compressed earth blocks (CEB) but would also consider the watershed block. Where’s the closest place to resource that material? How the price compare to things CEB or rammed earth?

  2. Watershed Materials just announced three additional new colors. All look beautiful to me. They said the first three options were very popular and so they’re adding new colors.

  3. You can see where this is headed. Before long they’ll be setting up plants near every major city. There’s a large market for green homes built with sustainable materials. And because blocks and bricks are the most common building materials in the world, Watershed Block is poised to capture a large part of the market.

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