Straw Bale Studio in Oxford, Michigan

Straw Bale Studio in Oxford, Michigan

This seems like a good time to start a list of the best natural building galleries. Please send me your recommendations. Projects and Pictures
Natural Building Gallery (This is the largest, best gallery that I know of. Special thanks to Mark Piepkorn for such outstanding work.)
Cobworks Photo Gallery
The Culture Artist Organization Gallery
Sandy Bar Ranch Photo Gallery
Pun Pun Photo Gallery
House Alive!
The Canelo Project
Google Images: search for natural building, earthbag, adobe houses, etc. (if the link doesn’t work, just click on Images from the Google home page)

Image source: Straw Bale Studio, Deanne Bednar
Note to Deanne: This home is beyond beautiful — it epitomizes natural building and has been a favorite since I first read about it years ago.


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