“After establishing careers Joe and Emilie decided that they needed a new adventure and decided to convert a Mercedes Sprinter van into a tiny home on wheels.”

Note the very high video quality by Dylan Magaster. Everything is perfect — the scenery, explanations of the vans’ features, sound. I really enjoy great channels like Dylan’s, Exploring Alternatives, Dirt Patch Heaven and Justin Rhodes. They’re able to get such outstanding content because they go on the road and investigate the best projects.


Married Couple Leave Established Life in Suburbia for a Life on the Road in Converted Sprinter Van — 2 Comments

  1. Mention was made of using a propane double burner inside for winter cooking. It is important that anyone doing so has an ability to extinguish any fire that starts, especially if using oil for cooking. If the oil runs down the outside of the cooking pan, it can catch on fire. Water won’t put it out, so a fire blanket, powder-based or carbon dioxide extinguisher may be needed. Anyone doing a van conversion must seek expert advice about what fire-fighting equipment that they need around their in-van cooking area.

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