Majestic Dome in Panama

Majestic Dome in Panama

Close-up view of the Majestic Dome tower

Close-up view of the Majestic Dome tower

LandTrees, a Panama rental, agricultural and agrocultural tourism company, is building structures made of earthbags, adobe, rammed earth, bamboo and/or wood logs. Their EcoRanchos earthbag structures (see link below) have a construction permit issued by the authorities. As far as we know this is a first for earthbag structures in Panama.

From Walter: “Majestic Dome” (La Chorrera). This structure has appeared on local Panamanian TV. Construction of the dome started off as a small dog house. This structure served to train our local staff. The “Dog Dome” was later converted into an Air Shaft Tower. Eventually a dome developed into a 2 story main building and impressive 3-Story Dormitory Tower. The dome can accommodate up to 12 people without stepping on each others toes or having to suffer from sleepless nights due neighbouring snoars…..

Our La Chorrera Dome consisting of 1 Main Building (2-Stories) plus 1 Annex Building consisting of 3 stories completed with a natural thatch roof. Then we have an Air Shaft Tower. The figures on this dome are staggering. Over 150 tons of earth material used. The land where we extracted the soil is over 3 meters deep and has over 10 meters in diameter. This hole was turned into our tilapia pond. We reckon there must be min. 10,000 gallons water in the pond at any given time. Today the pond houses larger tilapia fish and hundreds of tilapia fryes. The second picture is a closeup of the impressive 3 story tower with thatch roof of our “Majestic Dome”.

Many more photos of projects at

Note: Building beautiful, innovative structures like this is a fantastic way to promote a business.


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