Sustainable community designs by Kirk Nielsen

Sustainable community designs by Kirk Nielsen

“Community Layout and Structures Designed Using Sacred Geometry
Using sacred geometry to layout the communities enhances the connection to Earth, Spirit, and creates a joyous uplifting environment. Physical structures are formed to reflect energetic structures. In the past we wanted to experience our individuality and so we built separate houses and lived separate lives. Now we want to come back together in community while at the same time maintaining the benefits of our individuality and so we need physical structures to reflect and accommodate that. By coming from a solid energetic structure of positive harmonious philosophies, we can build physical structures that are conducive to a harmonious experience that supports both the idea of individuality and community.

Structures Built As Green and Sustainable As Possible
Only the structures that are necessary will be constructed in as efficient, green, sustainable, harmonious with nature, and as low an impact on the Earth as possible. The structures will accommodate higher conscious philosophical lifestyles that are in harmony with low impact living. The habitat will be restored to its original state in as many ways as possible.

The design of each community will be in harmony with the natural environment of its particular location. This will make each community unique with its own flavor. They will be constructed with natural materials and nature will be used as a design element as much as possible. They will be “green” and environmentally friendly, create as small an environmental footprint as possible, utilize all the latest technologies for energy efficiency, and recycle everything possible, including waste and water.”

“Earth is our only home. Its ability to sustain us depends on us living with it in a more harmonious way.”
Thanks to Luke for this tip. But how many of these communities did he design? Sorry, it’s not clear to me.


Kirk Nielsen – Green Builder — 5 Comments

  1. Hi all, I apologize for not responding sooner. Yes, these are conceptual ideas. I’ve built using mainstream techniques until now. It’s my desire to build communities using these new sustainable ideas. My hope is that it will happen soon, maybe in the next year or two. I’m hoping the traditional banking structure will get a reset and then these kind of projects will really take off. Either way we’ll get there eventually. Thanks for doing this blog and thanks to all of you for leading a Natural way of building. Love it!

    • Thanks for the comment. Let us know of any interesting projects. It will likely be easier to get approvals in rural areas in developing countries.

  2. I’m not sure, to be honest! I tried to reach out to him on Facebook several days ago, but haven’t heard from him yet. I was wondering the same thing you are. I think the plans must be a mixture of things he has done, will do, or someone else designed. In other words, he’s just sharing ideas to convey how much he’s capable of designing based on the fact he designed other communities? This is my general sense, but honestly it’s not clear.

    • I’ve just reached out to him via his e-mail, if he’s more responsive to e-mail than FB, he will comment to that end.

    • Yes, he’s probably showcasing his designs as well as what’s possible. That’s fine. But it would be helpful to know what he’s done and what projects have been done by others (and provide links to the sources).

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