Hot Ash rocket stoves are long lasting stainless steel twig stoves

Hot Ash rocket stoves are long lasting stainless steel twig stoves

The Hot Ash rocket stove is designed with primary and secondary burns so they burn hot and efficient. Boil a cup of water with just a handful of sticks, wood pellets, or most other biofuels.

The Hot Ash is also extremely packable and disassembles easily. Its 3 pounds…. if 3 pounds is too heavy, this stove is NOT for you. Made in the USA with lifetime guarantee.
Packable, Collapsed Dimensions: 3″ W x 3.25″ D x 8.9″ H
Assembled (not including feet) Dimensions: 3″ W x 7.25″ D x 8.9″ H

Hot Ash rocket stoves
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Hot Ash Wood Burning Stainless Steel Rocket Stove — 2 Comments

  1. This product is a poor example of the rocket stove design. The primary design feature of a rocket stove is the use of an insulated combustion chamber above the firebox to reduce emissions and fuel use, as designed by Dr. Larry Wininarski creator of the rocket stove design. There is are no preheated secondary ventilation channels required to provide secondary combustion above the firebox. This is an uninsulated rocket stove, only capable of primary combustion only. The marketing claims for this product are not accurate. Rocket Stove design principles are open source information on the Internet and clearly were not incorporated in this design.

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