Home Built From Earthbags in Central America — 15 Comments

  1. i am in ambergris caye on the logoon side ,by the bar legends up north,across the lagoon like half mile east
    you people where are you ? can i visit your site?hugs

  2. At 9:45 it looks like some of the bags are not placed like bricks with propper offset. Check the right corner of the video.

  3. i want to meet you guys i want to make a round house in san pedro ambergris sand bags will have sand lime and salt water.i need your advice.and look for the building permit here!omar alfredo barreto (fb)

      • hello ,but the rocks formes here in the lagoon are made from the mud and salt water .if this get hard can i doit?

    • Where on the island is this project? Double bagging and Bag placement and plumbness could be the key to stability, I would also recommend larger bags several courses up as a stemwall.

      • i am thinking about tires full of gravel for basement ,big tires like 2 feet wide 2 rodsand then the bags if the test of endurance work
        i dont have fresh water here .the indian mason told me and i trust him he is a franc mason also
        he say that the mayans used the salt water in 90 per cent and lime the rest .lets make the tests!if not i gonna find an alternative to buid my dreamed house
        i have the problem to get the building permit i am working on it.the site is in a bay front to legends bar looking to the west half mile
        (in the other message i sayd east sorry)

  4. Can´t wait to see how this project is going especially since I´ve lived in Central America for a number of years.

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