Jacque Foust, a retired UW-River Falls professor who purchased the home in 1984, has decided to sell the home because he lives part time in Florida and also has a home in Stockholm. “It’s more than I can take of,” Foust told the Leader-Telegram of Eau Claire. “It’s been recognized in Smithsonian magazine  as architecturally significant and pioneering in its day,” Foust told the Leader-Telegram. The 1970s earth-sheltered home is futuristic-looking and features two private bedroom suites — each with a bathroom and spacious sitting room warmed by a wood-burning fireplace. It is listed for $285,000 and has 2,236 square feet.hobbit4.jpg

The house appears to be made from prefabricated  steel vaults that have been sprayed with foam.hobbit10.jpgHobbit6.jpg


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‘Hobbit House’ for Sale in Wisconsin — 2 Comments

    • Earthbag vaults are problematic. Even catenary shapes are not inherently stable without some internal support. I once made an earthbag vault as an entryway, but it was only about 8 feet wide at the base and was heavily buttressed.

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