Earth Safe Design is trying to raise funds to attend the largest construction fair in Romania

Earth Safe Design is trying to raise funds to attend the largest construction fair in Romania

“Hello, my name is Grzegorz and I am an architect. I come from Poland, but I currently live in Romania where I am an active proponent of straw bale building. Together with my wife Maria, and our many enthusiastic friends we are trying to spread the word about straw bale construction.

Last year we started a project called Earth Safe Design, aimed at building straw bale houses in Romania and raising awareness about straw bale building and natural building in general.

Traditional houses in Romania

Traditional houses in Romania

Romania has a long history of building with straw and earth. Unfortunately, over the past two decades, the traditional techniques and materials have been gradually abandoned in favour of concrete blocks insulated with polystyrene and finished with cement plasters and toxic paints, resulting in arguably aesthetic houses.

Encouraged by the success of our campaign so far, we have set ourselves a new goal. This time, we would not be able to do it on our own, so we are asking for your support. In April 2014 we want to attend Construct Expo, the largest construction fair in Bucharest. This event gathers 17,000 visitors over a period of three days and gets coverage all over the mass media.

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Help us spread the word about straw bale building in Romania — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, my mother lives in Romania and I am thinking of moving out there, we have been looking at houses for sale but we are also considering building one like a strawbale house, could you please contact me, my mother would love to visit you if it was at all possible, thanks

  2. This book is a great volume for a layperson, with little or no construction experience, interested in straw bale building and other construction topics. For someone like myself, with modest building experience, ready to build a straw bale house, Straw Bale Building doesn’t have enough detail. The authors spend too much space discussing general building considerations–mechanical systems, roofing styles, working with architects, etc.–taking up space that could be devoted to more straw bale-specific details like flashing, roofing detailing, and more. I like their eco-friendly bent, and there are some interesting (but brief) case studies. If you’re new to construction and straw bales, this is a good starter book. However, it doesn’t have enough information to get you to a finished building unless you do a lot of reading between the lines and puzzling out details.

  3. Excellent. I wish them the best. Again, as I’ve said before it’s great to see something that was once viewed as inferior to be seen as truly superior and having a come back. Great!!!!!

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