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Green Retaining Walls

Green retaining wall made with earthbags will be covered with plants.

Green retaining wall made with earthbags will be covered with plants.

Geosynthetics Magazine is a valuable go-to source for technical earthbag articles. This is a great, free resource for serious earthbag builders, especially commercial builders. They have a new article about natural green facades on earthbag highway retaining walls. It’s surprisingly simple and effective. The retaining wall is not only strong, it also looks good because the wall will soon be covered in plants. The same concepts can be used for simpler retaining walls around your home or farm.

Image credit: Geosynthetics Magazine

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6 Responses to “Green Retaining Walls”

  1. Pete says:

    Hello, I am interested in building a earth bag retaining wall. Do you have instructions on how to do this?

    • Owen Geiger says:

      Yes, it’s very easy. Search this blog for keywords retaining walls. Also, more details are in my earthbag building ebook. See link at top of page. The key steps include using gravel bags and anging the wall slightly towards the slope. Be sure to leave small gaps between bags for drainage. Cover with cement plaster.

  2. Timothy says:

    I have read lots of blog regarding to retaining wall but this article is totally different.

  3. judy says:

    this wall looks great. can anyone tell from the picture how drainage was taken into consideration?

    • Owen Geiger says:

      Water can seep through between bags and through the woven poly fabric.This is an excellent solution. I touch on this topic in my Earthbag Design Guide (one page).

  4. Retaining Walls Omaha says:

    Thanks for sharing this..:)

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