Grain Bins

Grain Bins

Grain Bin Roof on Hobbit House (click to enlarge)

Grain Bin Roof on Hobbit House (click to enlarge)

Another good roof option is a grain bin roof. Good quality grain bin roofs are typically maintenance free for decades, and a good choice for windy areas and hail zones. They are especially practical for those who live in agricultural areas and can buy the roofs separately from local grain bin suppliers. They’re also very practical for those short on time or where the building season is short. Order the size that will provide the appropriate roof overhang. Roof overhangs are important for protecting the walls and regulating solar gain. To install the roof, hoist the roof into place with a crane, bolt it down and you’re finished. Think of all the hours you’ll save on ladder work and climbing around on your hands and knees. Roofing is the most dangerous step of construction, so be careful out there.

Hobbit House Plan now available with three roof options
Photo credit: Hoosier Ag Today


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  1. Could you let me know of the different grain bin tops that I may use as roofs on buildings. I am thinking of building an earth bag home and a metal round roof may be the ticket. Your help is appreciated.

    • There are many manufacturers of grain bins. I suggest that you find local distributors of bins and compare costs and features. Finding local sources will save a lot of money on the shipping.

  2. Freakin’ genius. I love being able to converse with people who are smarter than I am. Unfortunately, it happens far too infrequently… ;-)

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