Julien Balmer's Freeform Earthbag House at Phangan Earthworks in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Julien Balmer's Freeform Earthbag House at Phangan Earthworks in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Goldmund Lukic, a professional photographer, was kind enough to reshoot Julien’s house in Koh Phangan for the cover of my upcoming earthbag book. Click on the photo to see it full size. You might remember the previous blog post about this. Someone left a comment and strongly encouraged me to redo the photo professionally. Well, here is the low resolution version. The actual photo is much higher resolution.

A huge thanks to Goldmund Lukic for doing this free of charge. (This is amazing to me: it’s a perfect photo and it’s free!) In appreciation, I’ve offered to provide a link to Goldmund’s portfolio on the Internet. Please take a look. I’m a big believer in “good things happen to those who do good things”, so please pass the word about his work.

Update: I just clicked through his portfolio and realized Goldmund is a world class photographer. Take a look and see if you recognize some of the fashion models.


Final Earthbag Book Cover Photo — 9 Comments

  1. Mr. Geiger, please, when you say “Built Correctly”What do you mean? I mean, have any tricks that we have to know? excuse any errors of English but I live in Brazil. :-)

    • I’m referring to all the things discussed about on this blog. If you’re going to build with earthbags, I strongly suggest reading through everything on our websites (this blog and EarthbagBuilding.com).

  2. Greetings

    There was a big earthquake(8.9) in Japan. Me and my wife are moving to Japan this coming summer. I am very interested in building my own earthbag house someday, and I was wondering if the earthbag house will be great for places like Japan where there are a lot of earthquakes.


    • It depends on how it is built. Built correctly, earthbag structures are among the strongest in the world. This this site for keywords “earthquake” and “reinforced earthbag”. That’s the key — you want a reinforced earthbag house that’s specially designed for earthquakes.

  3. Well done, Owen, I’m the guy who urged you to retake this and your friend did a fine job. Very inviting picture now, speaks more eloquently about what you’re offering. I want a copy soon as it’s out!

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