Farm Hand’s Companion is an online companion to self-sufficient farms and homesteads. It’s sort of like an old time Mother Earth News with loads of low cost, low tech, alternative/natural building, homesteading and simple living ideas.

“Farming and gardening is becoming popular again, but knowing where you fit in to this vast world of farms and farming methods is the first step in knowing what you’re trying to accomplish on your farm or in your garden. In this 13th episode of The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, Pa Mac explores these things—giving historical perspective along the way—while presenting some of the handicaps he’ll be overcoming with his own farm and garden. You’ll learn the differences between a garden, a truck patch, and a field.”

Farm Hand’s Companion


Farm Hand’s Companion — 3 Comments

  1. how about ALSO! hand’s companion is place where hands come to help us!! like the wwoofers etc look for gardens and farms, some of us have room for those who would like to learn with hands on and could enjoy having the help!!!!

    • WWOOFing is a great concept. Workers gain skills and farms get some extra help. Just be sure to search the farm where you plan to work to get previous worker’s feedback. Some places are super popular with good food and facilities. Some not nearly so.

  2. I noticed a Homesteading Conference in Arkansas on their website. Maybe someone can go and report back to us. This is the first I’ve heard of homesteading conferences.

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