When Erik moved into his new house in Portland, Oregon he was faced by a sterile-looking commercial swimming pool that didn’t fit his aesthetics. He would rather have had a nice organic pond there instead.


So Erik decided to convert the pool into a pond by re-contouring it with earthbags, and his results are quite lovely!


You can find out more about this at earthbagbuilding.com.


Erik’s Swimming Pool to Pond Conversion — 2 Comments

  1. Hi
    I really like what you are doing. It reminds of something that was in the Whole Earth Catalog many years ago. It was a feature about building house in, I think, New Mexico. They were filling sacks with pre-mixed cement, stacking them up in much the same way that you lay bricks and then soaking them with water. When the sun dried the sacks, you had a wall that you could then plaster.
    Do keep in touch – maybe I could run a feature on you
    Very best wishes
    Stewart (Andersen)

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