Earthbag Workshop at Tiba

Earthbag Workshop at Tiba

The workshop is over. This blog post is here to show readers the type of courses on offer, and in general, report on what’s happening in the field. The Workshop page has a complete list. Also note, there’s lots of information about hyperadobe on this blog. Use the built-in search engine to find previous blog posts.

“Tibá is excited to announce that a new workshop will be held here in May – Earthbag building.

We have been experimenting with the Brazilian equivalent ‘Hiperadobe’ here at Tibá for many years now, using this technique for buildings and also retaining walls and landscaping. Now for the first time we are holding an introductory course in this great building system. Our master earth builder Marcelo has constructed lots of houses in various forms from this ‘flexible form rammed earth’ with great results and now he will be sharing his knowledge over this informative weekend along with Peter van Lengen. Come and learn for yourself why this is such a simple and useful technique that can have truly beautiful results!”

Source: Tibazine


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