Earthbag house in India by Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes

Earthbag house in India by Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes

“July 14th we started a Superadobe studio home as a part of shifting our space to our upcoming land. This is a 550 square feet studio home totally dedicated to a 13 year boy named Adhya Vriksha, who is trying to learn his own way in educating or self learning himself for his mother, family and community. Now we are in 18th day doing this natural building. Within 15 more days we will start living in our new space of mother’s womb.

We will update all the details used in this earthbag construction soon. Sadly we have a deadline to move from a beloved space to another beloved space… we still experiment with lov with earth :) Meet you all soon ….Thannal, in a shade of earthbag”

Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes


Earthbag studio home in Tiruvannamalai, India — 7 Comments

  1. How much it cost all together??? Cos I am from pune Maharashtra and got sick of city life so thinking of building one for myself….

    • It depends on the size, shape, and design of the building, wind and seismic loads. Wood/timber can be used if the house is small and simple and not in a seismic or hurricane type zone. (And no codes of course.)

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