Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas

Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas

Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas

Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas

Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas (click to enlarge)

Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas (click to enlarge)

I found these pics on Inspiration Green and have been unable to find more information. The photos are by Justin Martin. Please leave a comment if you know more about this home. It’s a good example of a house many homeowners would be interested in owning. It also looks like a contractor built house and I would love to hear their story. [Update: this house is in Texas, not Flordia. Thanks for the clarification.]

Source: Inspiration Green
150 photos by Justin Martin on Flickr


Earthbag in Gainesville, Texas — 11 Comments

  1. Owen, this is an owner built house. My son Justin took the pictures as it was being built. It was built by 5 men and myself. I am 65 and retired. If you would like to hear out story feel free to contact me.

    • Great! I’d love to hear the details. Feel free to write your story and email to me. My email is at the top of the page.

  2. Hi, I live in Gainesville, Texas and my husband and I are insteresed in building our own earthbag home. Any chance you found out where exactly this was?

  3. Are you sure that this is in Gainesville, Florida and not in Gainesville, Texas? I went to his Flickr site to look at the pictures and he has a tag for Texas. When you click on the tag it shows this house. I haven’t had a chance to view the pictures but was thinking maybe this is why you can’t find any other information

    Happy New Year,

      • Hey Owen this place IS in Texas; I went back to Flickr and looked at the tags the photographer put on the set, and here they are: Tags


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