Earthbag Dome Material Cost Calculator at

Earthbag Dome Material Cost Calculator at

“Use this free online strategic planning tool to help plan for your earthbag (superadobe) dome. This calculator will generate a row-by-row estimation of the required materials to build your dome.”

Source: Terra Form
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Earthbag Dome Material Cost Calculator — 11 Comments

  1. some engineers commended that the height of the dome shouldn’t exceed 2.5 meter, and according to the area desired or diameter eg 5m the height will reach up to 5m.
    I need an answer to my comment and also ask a question may I construct a dome with 10m diameter or me????

    • There are many earthbag domes that safely exceed 2.5 meters high. According to the calculator shown on this post, the maximum height is determined by the size of the bags used, and with 26″ wide bags the maximum height is about 4 meters. We have usually been advising people that about 7 meter diameter is the maximum, which would give a height of about 7 meters, and that is with standard bags that make walls about 16″ wide. So we disagree about this obviously. I think that you could safely push these limits somewhat if you designed the dome to have periodical bond beams running around some of the courses.

  2. We would love to calculate earth volume necessary to fill a 3meter diameter dome of 2 meters high, any advice, please – world ?

  3. And the dome calculator is not up yet at Also, is there a way to scale upwards to any size dome regarding radius, height and curve to maintain as you build upward? There has to be some calculation that works, I mean, anything can be achieved with math…..

  4. Owen, I thought you said the safest maximum diameter of a dome could be 20ft? Also, where is the link to download this program and try it out at? I’d love to run some numbers through it…

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